Natural Extracts

Perspective alternatives for artificial compounds

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Oregano Oil    

Oregano belongs to the family of essential oils, which is extracted from the oregano plant by steam distillation. As an antimicrobial phytogenic additive, it attracts attention for its use as an alternative for synthesis compounds. When fed to ruminants, it can improve nutrient utilization and enhance feed efficiency and milk production.   It also helps the animals’ defenses against bacteria, fungi and parasites while eliminating the use of artificial substances in animal feed formulations.

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Cashew Nut Shell Oil

Natural compounds extracted from cashew nut shell find many applications due to their antimicrobial characteristics. It contains polyphenols that can be used to prevent and treat coccidiosis as an ideal alternative for antibiotics in poultry and swine. Moreover, when used for dairy cows. This essential oil can control the inflammatory process, leading to high production during the lactation period.

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Spearmint Oil (Mentha Spicata)

The trend toward reduction of the use of antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed has urged the industry to look for viable alternatives. Due to high antimicrobial properties, spearmint oil has been used widely in animal feed to boost the immune system against diseases. Also, daily supplementation of spearmint to the diets of broilers improves feed intake and body weight, consequently reducing the mortality rate.