Swine (Pig) farming has become one of the most challenging agricultural activities in our country. We share our expertise with customers, who believe that the quality of feed and biosecurity are core factors to keep the herd healthy, to enhance productivity and assure a high return on investment. We have successful case studies in supporting customers to deal with sows, piglets, and hogs in any stage of farming.


Ruminants cover a wide range of animals from bovines, goats to sheep that can convert nutrients from plant-based food into meat,  milk in a specialized stomach prior to digestion. Ruminants play an important role in livestock farming in the country to satisfy the great demands for meat and milk of the citizen. T We have a broad experience in selecting superior additives for ruminant feed to maximize the profits of our clients.


Poultry feed must be monitored with intensive care, and decisions to be made frequently are to enhance the farm productivity at all stages of livestock life cycles. We can provide the most advanced additives to improve broilers and layers productions and profits of the customers around the country.


We consider managing a healthy farm pond as a challenge to improve fish and shrimp health, thus water standards should be met to achieve mass production in the country in different aqua-environments: fresh, brackish and salt waters. We have done many successful cases with the supports of specialists, and we have been following up on innovative methods which attract much attentions around the globe to support our customers.