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More efficient transport and logistics can play a essential role in increasing the productivity of a whole system.  By making supply chains more predictable, we provide better transport and logistics services, allowing our customers to avoid any possible delays, thus enhancing the time efficiency while reducing extra costs of doing business.

At PMA Co. Ltd., our people, with an intensive network globally, have dedicated to addressing any delivery issues, bringing goods to your facilities timely .

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A product imported to the country needs to follow tons of administrative requirements of the authorities. In some cases, technical profiles should be customized for local regulations to be able to import and distribute. With intensive expertise and a great deal of effort invested, we believe that we can provide the best services to process any documentations in the desired timing.

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International Trading

We have experience in doing business with more than 30 counties, and international trading is our strength. PMA Co. Ltd. does the best with commitment and dedication to build a bright future with all our commercial partners.


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