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SILICA+ is one of our multifunctional specialties to customers. In general, Silica+ accelerates biological processes to achieve homeostasis as quickly and efficiently as possible

How it works? SILICA+, a tetrahedral crystallite, memorizes a specific electromagnetic induced by its manufacture. It can transfer this electromagnetic field to surrounding water molecules in an aqueous environment. The water molecules get ‘excited’ and are involved in all biological processes in the living body such as the intestinal system. These ‘excited’ species increase ionic exchanges with other neighbor molecules in the system to help to achieve homeostasis balance.

 By doing that, SILICA+ promotes enzymatic reactions, protein and mineral digestibility, synergy with additives (antibiotics, probiotics, acids, yeasts), bacterial activity. Therefore, the overall performance of farming should be significantly increased.

What applications: In the swine industry, SILICA+ naturally improves pig performance by increasing the average daily weight gain, digestibility and assimilation of nutrients and synergistically enhances the functions of additives. For poultry farming, it helps to reduce FCR, increase the overall performance (weight and feed efficiency) and reduce the pH and ammonium concentration in litters. In aquaculture, SILICA+ plays an essential role in the improvement of growth performance, in increasing protein digestibility and COD (super oxidase dismutase) activity.

More recently, SILICA+ has been successfully trialed for wastewater treatment. By stimulating biological processes, quantities of organic pollutants and hazards were significantly mitigated. It can be applied for wastewater treatments of pig farming, slaughterhouses, food productions, and others. SILICA+ is a universal approach for your problems.