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Flavor Enhancers

PMA’s signature products are 100% yeast extracts derived from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. They have a high content of amino acids and bear peptide flavors, enhancing the unique flavors of soup dishes, sauces, and more. Our products not only stabilize the flavors of your dishes but also create distinctive tastes in order to set your products apart.

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Our team has developed special products mixed by PMA in collaboration with top-ranked manufacturers to adapt to every customers’ needs. Please contact us to get a deeper understanding of our special formulation of seasonings which are plant and animal-based products, and enquire about designing your own seasonings.

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Noodle Cakes

We make use of phosphates, emulsifiers, and stabilizers to maintain the texture of product  during processing such as frying and steaming. These help the noodles maintain their moisture, achieving. Our products such as Water retention agents (Phosphates salts), thickeners (CMC, Guar Gum) and emulsifiers (DMG, PGE, hydrogenated oil…) also play important roles in formulations.