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Baking is fun and keeps people around the table. We offer to professional bakers all kinds of additives that were designed to make it better, tastier, and lasting longer.

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Bicarbonate soda

Bicarbonate of soda is a pure leavening agent. It needs to be mixed with moisture and an acidic ingredient for a chemical reaction to take place to make bread rise. Phosphates are a very important ingredient as well.  Baked cakes are leavened with phosphates that contribute to texture, colour, rise and desirable crumb characteristics

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Emulsifiers, as a hand holder between the oil and water mix, stabilize non-homogeneous mixtures, for example between water and oil. They are used as an intermediary for water and oil blends. Various emulsifiers are used in bakery, dairy drink formulas. Some common examples are lecithin, mono- and di-glycerides, DATEM, SSL and CSL... You choose!

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Hydrocolloids are used to support formulations to assure texture and viscosity in mixtures of ingredients that deliver outstanding quality and shelf lives like ice-cream, sauces, and salad-dressings.

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Release Agents & Lubricants

A baking release agent is an indispensable ingredient during the baking process. When applied, it can create a thin layer between the product and equipment to avoid any difficulties in removing the cakes. There are different kinds of baking release agents, with unique properties. The use of a proper release agent is crucial since it can impact the overall quality of your products. We have many types of release agents in various forms (spray or oil) for your selection.

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Bread Improvers

Bread improvers are used to enhance the properties of the final products. They can be applied for extending the shelf life, making the cake textures more attractive, or improving the taste, tenderness of the products.  With different types of bread improvers, pâtissiers have flexible tools to make the best products.

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Bread mixes

We have products to prepare a delicious bloomer baked from typical Italian ingredients such as olive oil, yellow linseed or pumpkin seeds. We also have different decorations products such as oat flakes, sunflower kernels for dressing. Cakes can be more nutritious with supplements of vitamins, fibre or mineral additives.