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Vitamin A deficiency is a major issue in developing nations whereas Vitamin D deficiency is countered in the countries with limited sunlight. As an essential ingredient in daily meals, edible oil with added vitamins appears as the latest trend of functional food markets. Vitamins and other supplements can be added to cooking oil during production via fortification processes. With a long history of providing food ingredients, PMA Co. Ltd. has been acquiring a reputation for satisfying the client's needs

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Natural Sterols

One of the supplements added in cooking oil is plant sterol species. Natural sterols extracted from plants have a similar structure to cholesterol. They compete with cholesterol for absorption in the human digestive system, thus the cholesterol consumption is blocked. Sterols also come as dietary supplements in high amounts in foods such as cooking oils. Daily consumption of edible oil fortified with plant sterols is a great practice to reduce cholesterol levels to prevent heart diseases and attacks.

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Plant extracts

The dependence of humans on plants for food, clothing and shelter has begun for centuries. Many compounds extracted from plants have a wide range of properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or anticancer which have been used in drugs. In the food industry, coffee, tea and cocoa are commonly plant-based products with active compounds caffeine, theophylline and theobromine respectively. Other extracts are considered as a natural and sustainable source of important ingredients for functional foods and drinks.

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Lutein is a xanthophyll and one of carotenoids, a pigment, which is produced by plants that give vegetables and fruits the hue of yellow to reddish. Lutein appears to have important antioxidation characteristics for the body. It is also well-known to have benefits for eye health, protecting the human eyes from blue light.  Other benefits are to ameliorate cognitive function, reduce risk of cancer and improve measures of cardiovascular health.

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Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

The demand for a healthier lifestyle urges humans to look for low-calories food. FOS appears as a sustainable alternative for sweeteners, so people can eat and drink products made with FOS without concerning about high glucose levels in blood and causing weight gain. Because FOS is resistant to intestinal digestive enzymes, it can directly travel to the colon where it supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. FOS can be chemically synthesized or naturally extracted from plants such as blue agave, chicory root, garlic and onion. FOS can be used as an additive in yogurt, nutrition bars, diet cokes, or in pet foods.

β-glucan (beta glucan)

Beta glucan (β-glucan) is a soluble fiber that can be found in oat, barley grains, seaweed and algae species. In many studies, this compound is proved to support the immune system to fight back bacterial infections.  It is also shown that β-glucan can be used for heart disease and high cholesterol.