Animal Protein: from the farm to the table!

There are no centralized criteria by which farm-to-table is defined, but generally, it's good to know what is added to your food since the farm or ranch your product came from, who is processing it, how is it cooked and making sure your food is safe for you and your family. A lot of people work with top technologies to support you on this chore!

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Stabilizers are substances that increase the stability and thickness by helping foods remain in an emulsion and retain physical characteristics. Ingredients that normally do not mix, such as oil and water, thus, need stabilizers. This also allows to balance the cost of some items in your production line.

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Natural Antimicrobials

Natural Antimicrobials are well known for a long time, but more recently they have prompted the food industry to look for alternatives that can enhance the safety and quality of foods. Compounds derived from natural sources have the potential to be used for food safety due to their antimicrobial properties against a broad range of foodborne pathogens.

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Food Supplements

Supplements are your dietary substances you might use to add nutrients  to lower your risk of health problems, like osteoporosis or arthritis. Dietary supplements are vitamins A, D and E, omega 3-6, and minerals essential to life and may come in the form of  powders, paste, extracts, or liquids.

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Phosphorus is found naturally in dairy, meat, and plants. It's needed to help cells work properly. Phosphates enhance flavor and moistness in deli meats, frozen food, cereals, cheese, and baked goods, as well as in sodas and prepared iced tea mixes. We can offer TSP, TSPP, STPP, DSP and much more.

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Non-phosphates balance the ingredients of your recipes is a certain move into a healthy life. We are able to provide a series of non-phosphate compounds to assure consumers of their phosphorus daily intake.

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Frozen meats

There are many things we can do to support your position in the fresh and frozen meat market. We are connected to exporters that already selected and inspected by our local ministry of agriculture that makes us a strong player in pork, chicken and beef industries.